Hello, we meet again.

Hello, we meet again.

You are there.  You are ready to roll. Bring it on, right??

Hold up cowboy- have you actually ever done any of the survival tactics? (starting a fire at home in your fancy backyard fire pit and cooking a steak from the grocery store gives you very little credibility).

Think about a situation that has driven you either into your home under a lockdown, or away from your home due to disaster. You got your people with you (spouse, kids etc.) but how helpful are they really? Can they gut a fish, build a fire and siphon clean water out of a river??  

Taking the time to learn basic skills will obviously benefit you and yours. The people you intend to huddle up with should be educated and skilled as well.  Timmy and Sally can learn too.

The list below is so basic that if you don’t know how, you will not survive. 

Catch fish (without a pole)

Catch meat (without a gun)

Clean fish & meat (that means gutting and skinning)

How to find water? Clean it?

Build a shelter (not a handy dandy pop up tent)

Build a fire (not with matches)

Recognize edible plans (not all mushrooms are your friend)

Dress a wound (basic first aid)

We are going to be busy and get down and dirty in the next few posts.

Get your people ready, it’s about to get real.

Your Friends,


Ready. Set. Survive.

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