I feel like we are getting somewhere now.

I feel like we are getting somewhere now.

I feel like we are getting somewhere now. You got some lingo down. You have your bags ready to go. You even know where you are heading. 

If only, it was that easy. Should SHTF in any capacity. Whether by man or nature you now have knowledge to prepare. The reality is that people will lose their shit and forget half of what they learned here and other sites. However, when you come to, you know what you have and where you are going. 

I feel it’s safe to assume you have visited the B.O.L. and made the trek there more than once. If not, then do.  Really- if you have prepared your bags, you should prepare the location.  Think about an essential box.  This magic box is meant to be buried in an unmarked location somewhere around the B.O.L.  The items are in addition to what you already have in your B.O.B.

  1. Cash 
  2. Documents specific to the land
  3. Maps 
  4. Compass
  5. Fire starter
  6. Fishing line
  7. Gun/Ammo
  8. Knives/ sharpening stone
  9. Tarp
  10. Water filtration device or rain barrel 

This bad boy can be small and hold just documents specific to the location (deed) or more substantial.  The idea is, should the location get compromised prior to your arrival, you have this as back up. 

On another note, given the stress and full on nightmare that drove you to this location, it’s not a bad idea to throw in a deck of cards.  You will need to calm your mind and nerves. You will need to have a distraction that will evoke some semblance of mortality. Throw in some crosswords or word finds. Don’t throw in puzzles though. That’s a whole other kind of pressure.

Until next time...

Your Friends,


Ready. Set. Survive.

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