Let's Talk Water

Let's Talk Water


I’m going to assume you are taking our advice and planning a trial run.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be your actual B.O.L. However, it would be intelligent to be in the area you feel would be in line with your potential plans.  You want to know where you are going and what’s around. OR, maybe you are just out sharpening your skills.  Either way, Let’s talk water.

Water is the most essential element in your survival arsenal. Humans can live three weeks without food, but spiral down quickly in three days without water. In a real situation you are not going to be lugging gallons of water with you.  Let’s assume you have chosen a spot that has a water source near you (pond, lake, river etc). Remember if SHTF, there will be other individuals also depending on that water source.  This could be fine. This could not be fine. Depending on the situation obviously. Personally, I would prefer having a water source miles away from my B.O.L.  In any situation I would rather be deep off, away from a source that will draw attention. ie other people.  

Let’s assume you have access to water rather easily.  What you need to be aware of is if that water is consumable. All because it runs through a mountain doesn’t mean you can, or you should consume it.  We could write a book on water filtration and purification alone. But why reinvent the wheel? Take the time to understand both filtration and purification. This is a priority. 


Filtration – Remove contaminants. (debris, algae, and sediments that cause bad taste and discolor)

Purification – Once filtered, it is necessary to purify the water. This process removes bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. Mountain, river, lake water is not safe to drink. (animals contaminate the water through fecal matter, giving off harmful bacteria). If you don’t purify, it will catch up with you and could be detrimental. 

If possible consider installing a filtration/purification system @ your B.O.L. Otherwise, at the very least, in a desperate situation BOIL! To kill bacteria, it has to boil for a minimum of 3-4 minutes. This method isn’t sustainable and not recommended as your only source of cleaning water. 

Do the work on this one. Get a guide. Read and practice this skill a million times.  This is ESSENTIAL to your survival.

Get wet.

Your Friends,


Ready. Set. Survive.

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