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Navigating the Post-Apocalyptic World: Grey Man Tactics for Survival

In scenarios where resources become scarce and the social order has broken down, drawing unwanted attention to yourself, your assets, and your operations could potentially make you the target of violence or even get you killed.

The Importance of Blending In: Grey Man Essentials

You may even feel prepared to share what you have with others but trust me when I tell you that not all who come to you in need will stay your friend forever.

Blending in and ensuring that you remain unnoticed or moving through crowds while creating the perception that you are unremarkable could save your life.

Mastering the Art of the Grey Man: Tactics for Discretion and Anonymity

Being a grey man goes beyond dressing in a way that ensures anonymity. Instead, it refers to how you handle yourself and your operations throughout all the various stages of a disaster or societal collapse.

This article offers solid advice on remaining unnoticed, from staying under the radar while remaining in place to strategies for undercover food production.

Staying Under the Radar: Grey Man Tactics for Remaining in Place

Discretion and anonymity will go a long way to hiding your presence and avoiding conflict.

Disguised Entrances/Exits: Create a variety of entrance and exit points to your home base. Always alternate routes in and out. Always ensure you are not followed when you are on your way back home. I strongly recommend establishing at least one alternative “home base” to serve as a decoy or fallback position.

Variety: Avoid establishing predictable patterns. Vary times, routes, and dress codes. Never establish a routine. Never return the way you left.

low profile shelter

Low-Profile Shelter: Shelters should be in unexpected places. You could have a regular sleeping spot in a semi-abandoned vehicle in your building’s underground parking. Always ensure that shelters seem like abandoned debris or are located in a building that won’t attract the attention of individuals looking for valuables.

Minimal Visibility

  • Avoid high-visibility places where you can be seen.
  • Stay close to walls.
  • Move in shadows as much as possible to maintain a low profile.

Noise and Light Discipline: Maintain a low profile by practicing noise and light discipline. Doors that squeak, shoes that crunch gravel, or items in backpacks that click and clack can alert someone on the lookout of your presence.

The same goes for torches and lamps. If you can hear and see it, so can others. Use block-out techniques for windows and create low-noise environments using carpets to move on.

Moving Unnoticed: Grey Man Tactics for On the Move

Plan Your Route Carefully: When leaving a city, avoid routes that others will also use. Be prepared to travel only short distances at a time unless it’s an emergency.

dark street

Travel During Off-Peak Hours: Time your departure to coincide with periods of lower visibility, such as late at night or early morning.

Blend In with the Crowd: If you are going to move shortly after SHTF, which might be a bad idea, dress in nondescript clothing that allows you to blend in and won’t draw attention.

Long-Term Survival Strategies: Grey Man Tactics for Sustained Survival

Concealed Gardening: Vegetable gardens for SHTF should look messy, be planted haphazardly, and preferably be hidden “inside” an ornamental garden. Otherwise, you should plant in pots and move in and out of sunlight as circumstances permit.

raised garden

Container Gardening: Grow food in containers or raised beds that can be easily moved or hidden. You can put wheels on mobile beds.

Stealth Farming Techniques: Use stealth farming techniques such as guerrilla gardening or “seed bombing” to plant crops in public or unused spaces. You can also scatter seeds at random places where water may accumulate and visit occasionally to see if something has been produced.

Low-Profile Livestock: If you decide to keep animals, opt for small breeds that make little noise. Rabbits and quails are pretty quiet species. You could give chickens a go, but not in your backyard. If detected, you will still be safe.

Nighttime Operations: Perform chores and animal care during nighttime hours. I suggest feeding your goats dressed in black and wearing night vision goggles. It sounds crazy, but in the aftermath of SHTF, it may save your life.

Operational Security (OPSEC): Be careful when using social media and online forums. Those pictures of your chicken run and sheep pens might be remembered by someone thinking about where to find their next meal. Discretion and privacy are always virtues.

Leaving No Trace: Grey Man Techniques for Concealment

burn barrel

Proper Waste Disposal: Ensure that waste, such as food wrappers and trash, is disposed of discreetly through burying or burning. A clutter of garbage could easily betray your presence, so maintaining cleanliness is essential to create the illusion of abandonment.

Personal Hygiene Management: Striking a balance between cleanliness and scent is imperative. Minimize the use of strongly scented products to avoid attracting attention to your location.

Scent Control: Be cautious with cooking odors, as strong smells can give away your position. Opt for neutral-tasting foods and avoid cooking with pungent ingredients.

Animal Carcass Disposal: Dispose of animal remains carefully to avoid attracting scavengers or predators. Avoid preparing carcasses near your shelter to prevent the scent from lingering.

Wind Awareness: Pay attention to the direction of the wind when engaging in activities that emit odors. Wind can carry scents over long distances, potentially exposing your presence.

By implementing these techniques, you can maintain a low profile and reduce the risk of detection. Remember, discretion is paramount in a post-SHTF world, and silence can be your greatest ally.

Ready. Set. Survive.

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