Nothing can keep us down now... So, where you gonna go? What’s your plan?

Nothing can keep us down now... So, where you gonna go? What’s your plan?

Look at us. We have a B.O.G. and G.H.B. ready to go. Nothing can keep us down now… So, where you gonna go? What’s your plan?

Let’s talk about a B.O.L. Your Bug-Out-Location should be accessible and remote all in one. This is different from your B.I.L. (Bug-in-location = home) obviously. If SHTF, things will happen very quickly. Things to keep in mind when securing a location:

  • Distance: 
    • You don’t want it to take you 15 years to get there. The idea is to be able to retreat to this location quickly. 
  • Accessibility: 
    • The location shouldn’t be obvious (so no, your family’s beach house doesn’t work). It should be camouflaged from any road. You may want to consider alternative modes of transportation. Think bikes etc. (motor bikes are ideal)
  • How to get there: 
    • As mentioned above- bikes are legit. You can take them off road and leave a few tracks. Take your vehicle as far as it will get you.  The idea is to get to a location that looks to be untouched from the road. Super-secret club  

Bonus tip: Have alternate routes mapped out. It should never be one way in and out.

  • Shelter: 
    • Tent, cabin, lean-to, cave, hole in the ground. This can be anything. What it must be is secure from the elements, nature and stupid people that didn’t plan.  In a catastrophic emergency situation, no one is going to be looking for a permit. However, say we have a pandemic and you want to move your family to the mountains. You will need to follow the local laws and purchase land, get a permit for building etc.  You can’t squat because people are getting a contagious flu. Again, no one will give a shit (they shouldn’t be able to find you if it’s something more severe) Think Red Dawn.
  • Water/food source: 
    • Having a water source on property is clearly ideal. If not, make sure to map out where the best water source is. Food source- vegetation, a place to plant vegetables, fish, and/or trap.
  • Security: 
    • Can you see it from the roadway? Is it visible from a helicopter? How far is civilization? How will you protect yourself?  Really, think about how to alert yourself if (again)stupid people who didn’t plan show up. Or…maybe a hungry bear, wolf, cougar etc. 

The best B.O.L. are places where there are low chances of natural disasters and good for long-term viability. If you live in an area where floods are a risk, build high. If you live in an area where hurricanes and earthquakes are a possibility, move. Just kidding, most likely you are near the coast. B.O.L. should never be on the coast.  Tornado alley? Get to the hills.  You get the point.

Once you have identified the spot, we recommend you bury an essential box should you ever have to visit.  What is an essential box/cache? Tune in next time…

Until then...

Your Friends,


Ready. Set. Survive.

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