Now that we know the lingo, let’s get to it!

Now that we know the lingo, let’s get to it!

The 5 C’s are bones of a true survival situation. Yah, a B.O.B or B.O.L. would be ideal as they would encompass (at least they should) the 5 C’s.

Cutting Tool: Get yourself a knife- it’s essential for food and shelter

Combustion Device: An appliance that burns fuel for heating or cooking.  Get something that will start a fire.  Waterproof matches, flint, ferro rod & striker, waxed hemp. 

Cover: Ideally you would have a tent or tarp.  Another option is using brush to build a shelter. 

  • Get yourself a long, strong branch a few feet longer than your height.
  •  Prop one end of the branch on a tree stump, log or rocks. 
  • Lean shorter branched against the big one. Cover the frame with leaves, branches and other brush.  

Container: This can be anything that can hold liquid. Generally, you would want something large enough to catch/carry water.  If you have something with a cover then you got it all.

Cordage: Rope, paracord, twine. Strip leaves off a vine if you have to. This will help catch food in a Deadfall Trap, tie down your cover for shelter, tie your bags/items together if you must cross water.  

5 C’s = no joke. Essential for whatever situation you find yourself in. 

If SHTF, you don’t want to be WTF.

Your Friends,

Ready. Set. Survive.

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