Still your bag..

Bags are still a big deal.

Your B.O.B. is badass. You are ready to grab, go and survive.  

What about if you aren’t home? What about if you are at work? What if you and yours are out eating those delicious gourmet donuts and a tornado hits? Your B.O.B. is tucked away safely at home…waiting.

Whatever the situation being prepared away from home is crucial.

Let’s talk about your G.H.B. (get home bag)

Essentially your G.H.B. should be a condensed version to the B.O.B. It should encompass everything you need for anywhere between 24-48 hours.  Keep it in the trunk and easily retrievable. Don’t bury it under a bunch of trunk trash that would make it difficult to reach.  It’s especially a good idea to keep it behind the seat that allows you to expose the trunk from the inside of the car. 

Things to include would be a pair of sensible walking/hiking shoes and socks.  (If you wear heels or specific shoes for work, you are going to want to change into something that is durable and will allow you to move).

You want to be sure to update the bag seasonally for weather appropriate clothing. Throw in some cash and/or prepaid credit card as well.   

Now look at you. Your B.O.B. & G.H.B. are what heroes are made of.  

Your Friends,

Ready. Set. Survive.

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