Survival Self-Defense: Securing Essential Tools Before Crisis Hits

Survival Self-Defense: Securing Essential Tools Before Crisis Hits

Safeguarding Your Survival - The Essentials That Disappear First in a Crisis

In the tumultuous world we've witnessed in recent years, crises inevitably draw crime in their wake. From the looting aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to the theft and arson that frequently accompanies protest marches, being prepared for self-defense in addition to other survival measures is non-negotiable.

A Race Against Shortages

The unsettling reality is that many people wait until a crisis is looming before they rush to purchase self-defense items. The result is often predictable - shortages. Waiting until the last moment to acquire these essential tools can lead to empty shelves and limited options.

Prepper's Priority - Stock Up Now

As a prepper, your need for protection exceeds the average person's. Your home likely stores all the essentials that people will desperately seek post-disaster. It's imperative to defend your stockpile, and the means to do so must already be a part of your preparations.

Self-Defense Items You Must Secure Today

Here are some self-defense items you should have on hand right now. Delaying their acquisition could mean missing out when you need them the most.


Survival Self-Defense: Securing Essential Tools Before Crisis Hits

The shelves of a typical gun store may seem well-stocked, but it's essential to understand that even here, shortages can occur. Around 45% of US households own at least one firearm, and individual ownership is lower. This percentage has remained relatively consistent over the years, but it doesn't take much to spark a surge in demand.

Ammunition Matters

Survival Self-Defense: Securing Essential Tools Before Crisis Hits

Ammunition is another crucial aspect of self-defense. Opt for NATO-standard calibers such as 5.56mm, 7.62mm NATO, 9mm Luger, and 12-gauge, which are widely available. However, there have been notable ammunition shortages in recent years, often due to concerns over gun control laws. Stocking up on ammunition before a crisis is essential to avoid high costs and scarcity.

Non-Lethal Alternatives

Survival Self-Defense: Securing Essential Tools Before Crisis Hits

Stopping an attacker doesn't always require lethal force. Non-lethal options like Tasers, stun guns, and pepper spray can effectively deter threats. They're cost-effective and have fewer restrictions compared to firearms.

Security Systems

Modern security systems offer excellent protection. Setting up motion-detecting, night vision cameras or creating an off-grid security system should be considered well in advance. As the crisis draws near, demand for security systems will soar, and they'll become scarce. Acquiring one now ensures you have time to set it up and become familiar with its operation.

Don't Delay - Secure Your Survival

In the early stages of a crisis, resources that aid in self-defense quickly vanish from the market. Guns and ammunition are the most conspicuous examples, having repeatedly faced shortages in recent years.

Don't jeopardize the safety of yourself and your loved ones by leaving self-defense preparations to the last minute. If you don't already possess the necessary tools to protect yourself when a crisis looms, there's a significant risk you may never acquire them at all. Secure your survival now.

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