Survivalist. Yah - that's you.

Survivalist. Yah - that's you.

So, what does Survivalist mean?  Is it the end of days? Dig a hole and eat worms? Going to a remote spot in the mountains (or the like) and living off the grid? Self-reliance? 

It is ALL of this and more. Depending who you are , what you are doing, and obviously the situation. It’s being a badass and ensuring your survival.

The term Survivalist comes with many connotations. A survivalist mindset is being able to adapt to a situation in order to endure. This could be anything from a house fire, losing electricity, aliens landing or maybe there is a worldwide pandemic.  It’s whatever you can think of and the need to ensure you and yours are moving forward.

We at believe there are many different scenarios that call for action and preparedness.  To begin the journey of readiness, we believe in starting from the ground up.  Understanding terminology is crucial – you don’t know, what you don’t know. 

We commit to offering education on just that.  We walk the talk and continuously put into action what you will read on this kick ass blog.  

The line-up to follow is terminology, explanation of the terminology and an understanding of what you need to know if SHTF.

Your Friends,

Ready. Set. Survive. 

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