What's your bag?

What's your bag?

Bags are a BIG Deal.

In any emergency what you have in your B.O.B (bug out bag), can literally save your tail. When SHTF (natural or man-made) it’s too late to mindfully put together what you would need to weather the storm. Planning is essential! No matter what the situation or skill level is.   

First and obvious step: The bag. Choose a bag that is comfortable for your frame. You must be able to move and sometimes you have to move quickly. If you get a big ass bag, and you are not a big ass person. The only thing you are going to do is slow your ass down. Choose a pack that fits your torso not your height.

Second: You should have enough space and compartments to store your gear. Pockets, zippers, straps and loops will keep your goods organized.

Third: Food/Hydration, Shelter, First Aid, Lights, Communication Tool, Protection, Sanitation and be sure to store important documents in a waterproof bag. People never think of documents. You should have a copy of your birth certificate, driver’s license or id, any financial accounts, immunization records, social security card, any wills, insurance policies. CASH

Fourth: There are plenty of resources that will break it down and it’s easy to get caught up. Keep it simple and cover all your needs. Think about the person carrying the B.O.B. and what they can manage.

Every bag should encompass all the necessities in-case of separation. It’s not a good idea for bags to hold individual tasks.

Bug Out Bags are as smart and responsible as a condom on prom night.

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Ready. Set. Survive.

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