American Survivalist x ReadyWise: Elevating Your Survival Experience

American Survivalist is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ReadyWise, a leading expert in emergency preparedness. This collaboration marks a significant step forward, offering a comprehensive range of ReadyWise products seamlessly integrated into our lineup, revolutionizing your survival preparedness.

What's New

Explore a Comprehensive Range of Survival Options:

Dive into the world of ReadyWise's acclaimed emergency food solutions. From hearty meals to nutritional snacks, each product is carefully selected to complement and enhance American Survivalist's diverse lineup.

Expertise Integration:

Benefit from the combined expertise of two industry powerhouses. American Survivalist, with its focus on survival gear, and ReadyWise, renowned for its emergency food solutions, together bring a holistic approach to survival preparedness.

Empowering Choices for Every Situation:

Our partnership aims to empower individuals and families by offering an expanded selection of top-tier survival food options. From long-lasting food supplies to convenient pouches, we have you covered for every scenario.

The ReadyWise Advantage

ReadyWise has been a trailblazer in emergency preparedness, known for its commitment to quality and nutritional excellence. This partnership reflects a joint dedication to empowering communities through accessible, high-quality survival solutions.


Scott, Founder of American Survivalist:

"Our collaboration with ReadyWise is more than just a partnership; it's a commitment to providing our community with the best tools for survival. Together, we are stronger, and our offerings reflect that strength."

Discover the New Era

Ready to Take Your Preparedness to the Next Level? Dive into the enhanced product line, featuring ReadyWise products, available now on American Survivalist. Explore the latest in survival food options, meticulously curated for your ultimate readiness.

Thank you for choosing American Survivalist as your go-to resource for survival and emergency preparedness. Join us on this thrilling journey towards self-reliance and survival.

Ready. Set. Survive.