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American Survivalist

Bush Slicer

Bush Slicer

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STEEL: Stainless
TOTAL LENGTH: 11.73'' (298mm)

BLADE LENGTH: 7.6'' (86mm)
BLADE MATERIAL: 5Cr15Mov Stainless Steel
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 3.8oz (107g)

The Bush Slicer has a convex grind which is more common in kitchen cutlery than survival or bushcraft knives. Initially I assumed that this grind would hold it back when performing non-food prep tasks, but it chopped, batoned and made feather sticks quite well.  Normally I prefer a flat or scandi for these tasks, but I think a convex grind was the perfect choice for this type of hybrid knife. At 6.4 inches the blade is longer than most bushcraft knives and shorter than most chef knives, which makes it a nice compromise.

The blade is tall enough to look a bit like a cleaver, and it can do many of the jobs you would use a cleaver for thanks to its relatively wide spine, gradual taper, and tough steel. Despite it’s  size and weight, the bush slicer handles relatively delicate tasks like coring fruit and vegetables fairly well thanks to its great balance and comfortable and versatile handle. Obviously it is not as good as these tasks as a lighter chef knife or paring knife, but it does well for a knife that is also capable of chopping down a tree.

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