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CL2 AdventurePRO

CL2 AdventurePRO

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Are you ready for high-performance lighting on your next outdoor journey? The CL2 lantern is here to light the way with its impressive features:

  • High Performance: Powered by 4*Luminus SST20 5000K LEDs, it delivers a maximum brightness of 650 lumens, ensuring your surroundings are well-lit.

  • Hands-free Design: The CL2 lantern comes with a standard tripod connector and a convenient carrying handle, allowing you to hang it from your bag or tent, or place it wherever you need. Versatility at your fingertips!

  • Convenient Operation: Easily control the CL2 with its side switch for quick, one-touch adjustments. It offers 5 brightness levels, as well as Strobe, SOS, and beacon functions, providing the right lighting for every situation.

  • Rechargeable & Long Runtime: The CL2 features a USB Type-C port for quick and efficient recharging, with a max 2A charging rate. It's compatible with 1-4 x 14500 Li-Ion or AA batteries, ensuring it can shine for up to an impressive 28 days on a single charge.


  • 4*Luminus SST20 LEDs
  • Maximum brightness of 650 lumens on Turbo
  • 5 output levels, including Strobe, SOS, and beacon
  • Compatible with 1-4pcs 14500 or AA batteries
  • USB Type-C rechargeable with built-in charging indicator and over-charge protection
  • Side switch for easy one-hand operation
  • Lock-out function to prevent accidental activation
  • Built-in battery indicator and mode memory function
  • Standard tripod socket and hands-free hook for versatile placement
  • Compact size: 137.55539mm
  • Net weight: 222g without battery
  • IP68 Waterproof and dustproof protection

Don't let darkness hold you back. Illuminate your adventures with the Lumintop CL2 lantern. Get ready for a brighter outdoor experience!


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