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Metal Tourniquet (2/4pcs)

Metal Tourniquet (2/4pcs)

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In the realm of life-saving equipment, precision, and dependability are non-negotiable. Our Windlass Tourniquet Series doesn't just meet these standards; it redefines them, ensuring you possess the finest tools when the stakes are at their highest.

Windlass Strap:

  • The Art of Timing: Elevating tourniquet technology, our Windlass Strap boasts an integrated time-tracking section, a game-changer in preventing tissue necrosis caused by prolonged hemostasis. When every second is a precious lifeline, this innovation becomes your most critical asset.

Windlass Clip:

  • Unyielding Security: The Windlass Clip, designed with a precision V-shaped notch, ensures swift and secure locking, while its scuff-resistant material guarantees unwavering durability even in the harshest of environments.

Windlass Rod:

  • Unbreakable Resolve: Crafted from unyielding aluminum, our Windlass Rod refuses to buckle under pressure. When the odds are stacked against you, count on the unwavering strength of this essential tool.

High-Strength Internal Band:

  • Reliability Redefined: The high-strength internal band within our tourniquets is engineered to withstand immense traction and torsion, elevating both reliability and safety to unprecedented levels. Even after multiple uses (for training purposes only), it maintains its indomitable toughness.

Single Routing Buckle:

  • Velocity Unleashed: The inclusion of a robust plastic buckle ensures lightning-fast deployment of our tourniquets. Designed to deliver superior grip, it minimizes the likelihood of any loosening during application, giving you the edge when every moment is priceless.

With our Windlass Tourniquet Series, you're not just choosing equipment; you're choosing an unshakable sense of confidence. These tourniquets have been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to perform without compromise when the need is most dire. When quality is non-negotiable, and lives hang in the balance, make the ultimate choice. Elevate your life-saving arsenal with Windlass.


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