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Israeli Bandage 4/6/8 Inch (2/5pcs)

Israeli Bandage 4/6/8 Inch (2/5pcs)

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In the face of emergencies, count on the RHINO Life-Saver Trauma Dressing, your dependable partner for managing crises. Whether you're a family at home, an adventurer exploring the wild, or a dedicated soldier in the field, this quick clot solution is an essential addition to your first-aid kit. Available in versatile 4, 6, and 8-inch sizes, this lightweight device (approx. 170g) ensures you're prepared for various situations.

Exceptional Versatility: Driven by cutting-edge technology, our trauma dressing features an extendable wrap of up to 4 meters. Equipped with a robust elastic wrap and sterile non-adherent pad, it goes beyond being just a wound dressing - it's a multi-purpose tool capable of slinging an arm, securing splints, or assisting in any emergency requiring a dependable wrap.

Unmatched Rapid Application: Specially crafted for high-stress situations, our trauma dressing eliminates the need for complicated pressure bars or hooks, ensuring a straightforward, quick application process. Innovative Quick-Grip Roll Control tabs prevent unrolling, providing a swift, efficient, and secure dressing experience.

Supreme Sterility: Prioritizing your safety, each 8-inch bandage arrives vacuum-sealed in a low-cube package with readily identifiable red tear notches. Our dressings are maintained in a sterile condition, offering an unquestionable solution for addressing injuries.

Elevate your emergency preparedness with RHINO Life-Saver Trauma Dressing, available in various sizes to ensure you're equipped for a wide range of situations.


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