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QF001 Bleed Control IFAK

QF001 Bleed Control IFAK

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Introducing the Complete First Aid Trauma Kit: Be prepared for any emergency with this all-inclusive first aid trauma kit, designed for rapid response in a variety of situations—from home and work to outdoor adventures and natural disasters. Feel confident with life-saving materials for bleeding control, major wound care, and more.

Immediate Access to Vital Supplies: Our thoughtfully organized kit offers a quick pull-out panel design for easy, one-handed access to medical essentials. Retrieve any supply within 3 seconds using the red pull strip, making emergency self-help faster and more efficient.

Premium Quality Equipment: From tourniquets to nitrile gloves, this kit is fully equipped for handling CPR, major bleeding, and bone injuries. Housed in a durable, high-quality bag, it withstands extreme conditions to be your reliable emergency companion.

Customizable and Expandable: The MOLLE system on both sides allows for modular customization with additional accessories. The front elastic cord system can hold extra external supplies, and Velcro patches can be added for personalized identification.

Portable and User-Friendly: Featuring a top red pull ring for easy carrying and quick access, the kit is compatible with various tactical gear, including vests and waistbands. Ideal for adventurers, emergency responders, and military personnel, our kit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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