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Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze (1/2pcs)

Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze (1/2pcs)

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In critical moments, time is of the essence. The Rhino Rescue Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze is purposefully crafted to swiftly halt severe arterial bleeding with just 60 seconds of compression. This rapid response not only minimizes blood loss but also prevents hypothermic bleeding commonly seen in severe traumatic injuries.

Surpassing Traditional Hemostatic Agents: Unlike other hemostatic agents that demand a minimum of 3 minutes of compression, our Rhino Rescue Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze significantly accelerates the packing and compression process. This efficiency boost can be a game-changer in life-threatening scenarios.

Harnessing Proven Hemostatic Technology: Our gauze employs the battle-tested hemostatic technology of Rhino Rescue. This advanced technology provides life-saving relief in emergency situations, ensuring that you're equipped to handle the most severe cases of arterial bleeding.

Swift and Dependable Performance: The Rhino Rescue Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze isn't just quick; it's also remarkably reliable. In situations where every second counts, you can have full confidence in our gauze to deliver the necessary results precisely when they are needed the most. This makes it an indispensable solution for emergency care.


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