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Trauma Shears

Trauma Shears

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High-Quality EMT Shears: Your Premium Multi-Functional Cutting Tool

  • Size: 18.5cm
  • Color: Black

Introducing our top-of-the-line EMT shears, setting a new standard in functionality and durability. These shears are equipped with sharp, 18.5 cm long stainless steel blades featuring precision milled serrations, allowing them to effortlessly cut through a variety of tough materials. With injection-molded handles and a patented steel-reinforced carabiner, our EMT shears are not only highly functional but also built to last.

Designed for Safety and Efficiency

Our shears are meticulously designed with your safety and efficiency in mind. The bent tip and blunted edge enable quick and safe removal of clothing from injured individuals. The fine-toothed blades provide an anti-slip feature for easier cutting. The integrated carabiner allows you to conveniently clip the shears onto your waistband, ensuring you always have your cutting tool within arm's reach.

Patented Carabiner Design

No more lost shears. Our innovative design features a patented steel-reinforced carabiner that securely attaches the shears to your waistband. Say goodbye to fumbling for your cutting tool in critical moments.

Cut Fast and Safe Every Time

Whether you're a medical professional, a firefighter, or simply in need of a reliable pair of shears at home, our product has you covered. These shears are perfect for cutting various materials, including rope, bandages, clothing, jeans, car seat belts, leather, polyester, denim, and other tough surfaces. They are an ideal tool for outdoor activities, first aid, gardening, and household tasks.


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