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Triangular Bandage (Combat Cravat)

Triangular Bandage (Combat Cravat)

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Durable and Reliable: Constructed with two layers of spunbond polypropylene, this 45" x 45" x 63" bandage features two high-strength polyester lock-stitched reinforcement seams, ensuring enhanced durability in critical moments.

Sterile and Comfortable: The sterile nature of the bandage guarantees safe application without sticking to wounds, delivering comfort during use.

Compact and Easy to Store: Vacuum-packed in a 3 mil nylon poly barrier bag, this bandage is 33% larger than standard cravats but 50% smaller in cube size after vacuum sealing, making it a space-efficient addition to your aid kit.

Comprehensive Package: Each package includes two (2) closed safety pins and a rubber band, separately packaged in a 2 mil nylon poly bag for your convenience.

Elevate your emergency response with the RHINO Combat Triangle Bandage - a versatile, reliable, and space-saving solution for various medical situations.


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