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Chest Seal (Vented/Nonvented)

Chest Seal (Vented/Nonvented)

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Experience superior protection for penetrating chest injuries with the RHINO Chest Seal Twin-Pack, designed for immediate response to entry/exit and multiple penetrating chest wounds. This specialized medical kit offers dual functionality, featuring both an Occlusive Chest Seal and a vented Chest Seal with 3-channel pressure relief.

Seal the Deal with Enhanced Adhesive: Our seals are equipped with advanced adhesive technology, ensuring an effective and reliable seal, even under challenging conditions such as perspiration or body hair. The transparent backing allows for precise wound targeting, adapting to the unique contours of each casualty.

User-Friendly Application: Each seal is designed with large, easily-visible red tabs for a one-step peel-and-apply process. This user-friendly design empowers anyone to effectively administer the seal, even in high-pressure scenarios.

Vented and Nonvented Options:

  • Vented Chest Seal: Equipped with a 3-channel pressure relief system, this seal provides additional functionality for chest injuries, ensuring effective treatment.
  • Nonvented Chest Seal: The occlusive chest seal is ideal for sealing chest wounds and preventing tension pneumothorax.

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive solution for various chest injuries.
  • Advanced adhesive technology ensures an effective and durable seal.
  • User-friendly, one-step application for high-stress situations.


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